10 great reasons to choose Drysdales to sell your property

Over 30 years

We have been in business for over 30 years – that is well over a quarter of a century! We would not have lasted this long without building our business on integrity, professional and outstanding results – year after year.

The agent you can trust

Our clients consistently tell us that they listed their property with us because of our outstanding local reputation as a real estate agency which achieves results with integrity. We are recognised as the local residential real estate experts. Sellers and buyers alike trust us and like to deal with us.

Local knowledge and expertise

We have a deep understanding of our local market and the complexities of the sale process. This combination of local market knowledge and property expertise ensures that you are receiving the best possible advice on all aspects of your sale.

More buyers

As we list and sell more property in our area than any other agency, we are in contact with more buyers. We also maintain a buyer database and consistently advertise more properties than any other agent. This ensures maximum exposure of your property to qualitied and interested buyers.

Exceptional client service

There is a reason for our longevity and that reason is that we are 100% committed to providing our clients with exceptional service. This means constant, clear and honest communication with you, ensuring that you are as informed as we are about the market and what is happening with your property.

Repeat Customers

We have repeat clients who have bought and sold with us three, four and five times. They say they come back because, in the words of one of our clients:

“The level of service, expertise and professionalism we received from Drysdales was sensational. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Tailored Marketing Solutions

Our marketing aim is to expose your property to the greatest number of prospective buyers who are in position to proceed without delay. We achieve this by providing you with tailored marketing solutions and by working constantly to research the source of our buyer enquiry. This means that the marketing of your property is targeted and focused on achieving the best possible result.

Expert Negotiation

At Drysdales we have a proven track record of successful negotiation that leads to results. Our ability to negotiate a higher price on behalf of our clients often more than covers the fee we charge.

Our whole team will be working for you

At Drysdales we are committed to a whole team approach. This means that all of our sales agents (not just the agent responsible for the sale), will be using their expertise and sharing buyer information to achieve the best possible sale result for you.


Every seller wants results. We have a highly professional and successful sales team and we sell more residential real estate in the Moss Vale area than any other agency.
We achieve results.